#20 Free Baby and Toddlers First Word Flashcards

Baby and Toddler first Words

First Words For Babies and Toddlers

20 First-word flashcards for babies and toddlers are here for your early learner. Encouraging memorization, understanding, and object recognition with 20 free first words for kids. Visuals are used during early childhood development to encourage recognition. The more your child views an image or an object they begin to memorize it and understand its purpose. Visuals can help your child identify images within their environment. Your child will show you their understanding by pointing or trying to say what the image/object is. This is a fantastic first step into your little one’s early learning journey.

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Free First Word Flashcards

Your free first-word printable flashcards come with 20 large images and words. This is a fun activity set to encourage your early learner’s speech and language skills.

Baby and toddler first words for toddlers.

Babies First Word Flashcards

Your child’s vocabulary is an important part of your child’s development. Babies first learn to babble then speak. Moments that we all wait patiently for. Or should I say “eagerly” for? Some children may speak later than others and that’s ok. All children grasp, learn and adapt differently. However, starting early encourages your child to practice and build their speech and language skills.

Toddlers First Words Flashcards

Toddlers are doing their very best to grasp and understand many words. Toddlers are to have 100 to 200 words in their vocabulary by 18 months. Toddlers with speech and language delays may not have as many. The pronunciation of sounds for children with speech delays is a huge factor that contributes to the diagnosis. However, toddlers will point to a form of communication, to make their wants known and needs met. You can also use flashcards to develop pointing skills. This will help your child memorize, understand and identify words. Grab your free first-word flashcards and introduce them to your child today!

Learn First Words with flashcards. Learning Activity For Toddlers and encouraging speech and language development.

Teaching First Words to Children

Teach first words to your child daily with your first-word flashcards. Babies and toddlers are always on the move. This gives you the opportunity to voice objects and images within their environment. The key is vocal repetition! Your little one will begin to demonstrate memorization and recognition of many words. You can follow the steps below to encourage first-word development for your child.

Step #1: Show and Tell

Show your child the flashcard and tell them what it is. Be exaggerative and enthusiastic, this is a great strategy that will keep your child attentive.

Step #2: Point

Point to the flashcard and repeat its description. Assist your child with return demonstration by encouraging your child to point to the flashcard.

Step #3: Object Recognition

You have shown your child the image, told him or her what it is, and also practiced pointing. Now it’s time for a little challenge to observe their understanding.

What is Object Recognition?

Object recognition is identifying an object or image. To single out a specific item!

Object Recognition Challenge

You have been teaching and your child has been learning. Now it’s time to challenge them and view their understanding. First, your want to eliminate distractions and use three of the flashcards to start. For example, you can use the ball, duck and baby. Next, place the three flashcards at eye level. Ask your child for the ball or just say the word ball. Wait patiently for a response. If your child brings you the requested flashcard he or she has identified an object amongst other objects/images. If not, no biggy! Start from the beginning and repeat steps 1 and 2 of the teaching strategies above.

First Word Activities

First-word flashcards are great learning essential to have. Learning first words with flashcards encourages memorization, understanding, and identification of images /objects. Here are some activities you can implement with your first-word flashcards.


To get your child familiar with new words and images/objects, you can read the flashcards daily. You can also include your new flashcards into your child’s daily schedule. For example, you can use the flashcards as a book before bed.

First Word Games

Children love games and become actively attentive, especially when it is fun. He or she is tuned in and ready to actively participate. You can create many developmental games with flashcards. You can create a scavenger hunt and have your child find the flashcard you are voicing. I spy is another fun way to encourage pointing and identification. For example, place a few of the flashcards within your child’s view. Now, you will ask your child “where is the ball” or “do you see the ball”? Wait patiently for a response. You can also have your child match the flashcard to the actual objects/toys. Super fun!!!

First Word Learning Flashcards for kids.

Benefits of First Word Flashcards

Children learn and grasp information in many different ways. Visuals are great learning tools for babies and toddlers. They enjoy seeing images and relating them to things they’re familiar with. Flashcards encourage your child to memorize objects/images, understand its purpose and identify more things !!!

Materials Needed

  • Printer
  • Laminating Machine
  • Laminating Sheets
  • Sciccors
Toddler Learning Resource Website for kids. Learn first words for kids.

Baby and Toddlers First Words

Learning Flashcards for Speech and Language Development. Grab your 20 free first-word flashcards!

First Word Flashcards

You have 20 flashcards to encourage speech and language development for your little one. Children become so excited seeing large images that are frequently used within their environment. The more you review the flashcards with your child, the more he or she will remember it, understand its purpose and participate independently. However, repetition is highly recommended to obtain memorization and comprehension.

First Words Learing Binder

First Words Learning Binder for babies and toddlers is finally here. The first words binder offers early learners a fun hands-on experience with a ton of repetition!

Speech Development Activity for kids

Baby’s first words learning binder.  First words learning activity book for toddlers.  Learn first words for babies and Toddlers. Hands-on learning activities are designed to encourage sound and word recognition.  Follow along in the learning binder with your 20 free first-word flashcards. The First Word Learning Binder includes the exact images from your free flashcard set. This technique offers the additional repetition needed for early learning, special needs children, and children with Autism to grasp and understand the concept.

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