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A loving mother of 5 Amazing Kiddos.  I luv my morning coffee and my Law and Order!  I will always have a never-ending To-Do List.  I enjoy sharing strategies, tips and knowledge within the stages of Early Childhood Development, Early Learning and Autism. 

Supermominfinity Sharing Motherhood and Autism Learning Resources to parents and educators.

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Understanding Autism

Are you new to the Autism Family? Are you look for a resource to help you understand and assist your Autistic Child?  Your free resource is here to give you guidance and understanding.  Gain the knowledge and understanding you have been seeking.  Create your child his/her personalized Autism Manual Today!


Autism Potty Training Visual Communication Reward Chart

The Potty Training Rewards Chart for Autistic children encourages a fun potty training experience for your child. Potty training a child with Autism can be challenging. However, offering rewards will boost your child’s potty participation. 

Toys for Autistic Children: Autism Toys Guide

Your Autism Toys Guide is here to guide you by choosing the best toys for your Autistic child. Toys for Autistic children are great essentials to have readily available for your child. Toys can encourage your child’s growth and development. 

Best Special Education Potty Training Visual Activity for Kids | Potty Pocket

Potty Pocket is the best special education classroom visual potty training activity that will encourage students “to let someone know when they need to go!!!”  Many children especially toddlers have a fear of peeing and pooping in the toilet. 

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